Caregivers Attempt to Balance Their Personal Life and the Demands of Caring for Elderly Parents

Millions of Americans are now finding themselves in a place they have never been before–sandwiched between their careers, the needs of immediate family members, planning their own retirement, and providing care for elderly loved ones.
Baby Boomers – Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving is a fun and sometimes funny look at caring for our elderly loved ones.
It’s filled with humorous do’s and don’ts of caregiving and thoughts you need to think about retiring.
If you’re one of the 78 million in the Silver Tsunami you need these lighthearted yet practical solutions to retiring and caregiving.
Do you need a seat belt for the emotional roller-coaster of caregiving? This book is for you.
If you’ve ever felt like you were drowning in the Alphabet Soup of medical terms and legal jargon–this book is for you.
Whether you’re retiring, retreading, or just free falling–this book is your parachute.
If you ever feel like you’re on a tight rope trying to balance working, planning for retirement, taking care of immediate family members and caring for elderly loved ones all at the same time?
This book is for you.
Baby Boomers—Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving is the first and most complete how-to-manual that addresses personal questions related to retirement and caring for elderly loved ones while taking care of one’s immediate family which may include adult children still living at home and perhaps even grandchildren.
In simple, easy-to-understand language I guide readers thru this entire process including medical
choices, end-of-life decisions, medical advance directives, possible living arrangements, and how to say good bye before and after the death of loved ones.
I also help readers plan for their own retirement. I’ve included information on how to avoid unnecessary taxes, probate, and other culprits that could threaten your “nest egg” intended for retirement.
I also explore the importance of a dress rehearsal prior to retiring and offer a strategy for doing this. Personal/family and professional caregivers of all ages will refer to this invaluable resource over and over again!
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